Dental Bridges in San Jose, CA


What is a dental bridge and when would I need one?

If you have a large gap in your mouth from missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the solution to tighten up your smile and improve your confidence and health. A full set of functional teeth is crucial to your dental and oral health, speech, and appearance. If you’re missing one or more teeth, chewing becomes more difficult and you’re more susceptible to gum disease, speech disorders and even a misshapen face.

At Mayfair Dentistry in San Jose, we offer dental bridges to replace any missing teeth with natural-looking, artificial teeth. The types of bridges are:

  • Fixed and removable bridges: These attach artificial teeth to the adjoining healthy teeth with crowns.
  • Implant bridge: This attaches artificial teeth under the gum tissue or directly to the jaw.

Our caring team of experts can help you determine the best bridge option to improve your dental health and restore your beautiful smile.

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